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Broncos-Chiefs MNF game

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MessagePosté le: 29 Mai 2019 4:33    Sujet du message: Broncos-Chiefs MNF game Répondre en citant

ratings highest since Week 3 of 2017 Ratings continue to bounce back for the NFL with a huge jump coming from Monday Night Football in the thrilling (for everyone but us) comeback win by Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs at Broncos Stadium at Mile High against the Denver Broncos.The game snagged a 9.1 rating Dre’Mont Jones Denver Broncos Jersey , which was the best Monday night number since Week 3 of the 2017 season. Despite a low scoring affair through the first half, the game really didn’t lack in excitement. Neither team disappointed (outside of us) in terms of drama. After Mahomes led the Chiefs to two fourth quarter touchdowns to take the lead with less than two minutes left, Case Keenum led his own comeback attempt that came up just short.It’s the kind of game non-Broncos fans talk about the next day. As a fan of the game, I can appreciate that - even if I’m still displeased with the actual outcome.Horse TracksNext-Day Notebook: Rollin' even more with RoyceHead Coach Vance Joseph also talked about the Broncos' final offensive play of the night.Shots of the Game: Honoring Ring of Fame members at halftimeHow the Denver Broncos squandered win against the Kansas City ChiefsThe Broncos were 13 minutes away from victory Monday night and you could feel Mile High energy shifting football tides in Denver.Chiefs vs. Broncos Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018 - YouTubeThe Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos during Week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.The Broncos are getting the worst version of Case KeenumKeenum’s breakout 2017 is proving unsustainable, but there’s still time for a turnaround.The night Patrick Mahomes became an elite NFL quarterbackWhatever doubts or questions we had about the Chiefs QB were answered emphatically in a Monday night comeback win over the Broncos.Von Miller: Patrick Mahomes is “a great quarterback”Broncos pass rusher Von Miller looked a little shellshocked after Monday night’s game. Miller shook his head as he talked to the media about the way Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continued to make plays, no matter how well the Broncos pressured him. “He’s tough. He’s fast. We’ve got to get him downVance Joseph calls out Marquette KingDenver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph has called out punter Marquette King for not performing up to the standards he expects.Patrick Mahomes’s worst game of the season was a sight to beholdThe Chiefs' ridiculously gifted second-year QB found a way to pull out a win that said more about him than his crazy passing numbers in the season’s first three games.Denver Broncos: Defenders frustrated with DC Joe Woods?Broncos defensive coordinator Joe Woods has not been living up to the standard set by Wade Phillips in Denver.Patrick Mahomes proves his point — Broncos should have drafted a quarterbackYou saw it, I saw it, millions of people watching ESPN saw it. On a crisp, classic, autumn night inside a growling Mile High, the type of atmosphere that’s chewed up and spit out Hall of Fame quarterbacks many times over, the future of the NFL arrived.NFL NewsThe 2018 NFL season so far summed up in 18 superlativesThe good, the bad, the weird, and the absolutely dumbfounding things from the first quarter of the NFL season.NFL suspends Mychal Kendricks indefinitely after his guilty plea for insider tradingKendricks gets sentenced in January, so this may be the end of his NFL career.The Patriots offense found its spark thanks to an unexpected sourceSony Michel stepped up for the first 100-yard game of his career Sunday. Is he that good, or did the Dolphins gift him that?Betting lines and spread updates for ‘Monday Night Football’We get a matchup of division leaders in Week 5 Monday Night Football. Washington and New Orleans square off in Mark Ingram’s return. We’ll have live updates on the spread and notable news for MNF.Le’Veon Bell plans to return to Steelers in Week 7. Will he fix things?Bell will reportedly end his holdout during the Steelers’ Week 7 bye and play in Week 8 against the Browns.Everything you need to know about the NFL’s new helmet rule The NFL’s new helmet rule has barely been tested in live football, yet it is causing great consternation across the league over its implementation.Whether it is fans’ fear of football becoming a pansy sport or players’ worry over being unfairly penalized, few seem to like the league’s attempts to protect the heads of its most precious commodity.And much of the concern revolves around trying to understand just exactly what the new rule is.Owners approved this strengthened version of a previous ban on players using the crown of their helmets to hit another player. The new version states: “It is a foul if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent.”Given the broad penalty and rather vague nature of the rule, it remains to be seen just how officials are going to apply it. But there were some clarifications via a fact sheet from NFL Communications:Former Broncos defenders weigh inSteve Atwater and David Bruton, Jr. - two former Broncos safeties from different eras but both known for being big hitters - talked about the new rule and how it could impact the game.Atwater, who deserves a bust in Canton bust for his defensive prowess, noted on Orange and Blue Radio’s First and 10 show last week that he hoped refs would be lenient because “helmets are going to be involved” in tackling.“Especially if guys have their posture right and their heads are up, it’s going to happen, it’s got to happen,” Atwater said, noting that a player like Josey Jewell “who flies to the ball” could get a penalty. “He could get penalized some because he’s going full speed to the ball.”Bruton Jr., a former Broncos safety, team captain and special teams ace also known for flying to the ball and part of the Super Bowl 50 Championship team, told Mile High Report he believes the onus for safe play should come more from the players rather having it legislated by refs on the field.“Honestly, the decision falls on the player on how he wants to play,” Bruton said, recalling his practices in Denver where the DBs spent a lot of time learning to “wrap and roll” when tackling. “You want good contact, your head up, your eyes up, definitely not the top of the helmet. And then you hit and roll to eliminate the impact as well as take away their ability to power through you.”Players taking that kind of responsibility to play the game right and protect their own health is where Bruton believes the emphasis should go. He’d like to see the league spend more resources educating players not only about the risks involved but also about care for their health during and after their pro careers.And as a player who ultimately left the game to protect his own health after suffering his sixth concussion, Bruton knows how crucial it is for players to think about their health.“Football is football. It’s a violent game and players need to realize the risks themselves and weigh the risk versus reward,” Bruton said.But, like Atwater, Bruton doesn’t want football to be fundamentally changed or the game to continue favoring the offense by mostly penalizing the defense.“Everybody has heard ‘tackle with your head up’ since PeeWee days. The NFL can only do so much,” Bruton reiterate. “It really falls on the players to eliminate the use of the head because of the danger for multiple concussions or other injuries.”Atwater sees it the same way and hopes refs will come together on how they apply the rule and then do it consistently throughout the season. He’s not convinced that will happen.“Yeah, I don’t think anyone wants the game to continue on and guys who get done playing have issues with concussions Brendan Langley Jersey , but we want to see consistency,” Atwater said. “You talk about a rule, if you see a guy keep his head up and still get flagged for it, that’s a problem.”So, just what IS the new helmet rule?This explainer from SBNation is a nice overview of just what the rule is attempting to do and how it would have applied to previous big hits.The rationale behind the rule is legit. The number of concussions suffered by players were up 16 percent in 2017 and included an unforgettable collision involving Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier that ended in a serious spinal cord injury to Shazier that he is still recovering from.Players reportedly suffered 281 concussions during the preseason and regular season last year - up from the 243 diagnosed concussions in 2016 - which is the second highest total since 2012 when there were 261 concussions.And as the Wall Street Journal aptly pointed out, the fact that the NFL is taking head injuries seriously via rule changes is in part a response to public backlash for having virtually ignored it for decades. Last week, officials in Denver spoke about the new helmet rule and how they are going to (attempt to) approach it this season.“We’re trying to make this game safer. That’s what we do, we want to definitely call it,” said NFL line judge Julian Mapp, adding that they have watched film over and over with officials pointing out what is a foul. “We want it to be lowering the head and initiating contact. Maybe a little judgment may come in when you’re bracing for contact. It may be human nature, like ‘Someone’s about to hit me, I’m going to go like this a little bit,’ but you’ll notice, my head may be going down, but I’m not initiating contact to you. That’s maybe where a little judgment comes in.”Mapp tried to clarify how the rule could/would be applied in different scenarios. It’s somewhat helpful.In the trenches: A linebacker and a running back colliding into each other helmet first:On when a quarterback lowers his helmet when ‘giving himself up’:On determining when a defender’s body weight is more than half way on a quarterback after a tackle:The ultimate test on what kind of impact this rule has on the game will come throughout the season as officials and teams get used to making those “judgment calls.”How will this rule impact Broncos’ play?Although Broncos’ coach Vance Joseph isn’t sure how it will be applied, he has always taught “eyes up” on tackling and understands the reason behind the rule.“They want the spearing out of the game. They want the body position when they’re slinging it out of the game,” Joseph said, adding he agrees the rule is for the safety of the game and that’s a good thing. “Obviously, the spearing with the helmet has been a bad deal for a long time. That’s what they want out of the game. Again, it’s for the betterment of the game, so I’m with it.”The coach also pointed out that it’s the same rule for all teams, so everyone is going to be getting used to it - and he knows there will likely be a lot more flags early in the season as officials figure it out.“Again, for defenders, it’s been coached their entire lives. See what you hit, keep your head up and don’t spear anyone. You can hurt that person and you can hurt yourself,” Joseph said. “As an offensive ball-carrier, it’s going to be different. As an offensive lineman pulling, it’s going to be different. We’ll see.”Chris Harris Jr.thinks the rule will definitely impact how players play the game because they’ll have to think about how they are tackling.“I know we’re going to preach and practice hitting low and try to hit with our eyes up. I see that’s going to be a huge problem this year just because the NFL is so violent,” Harris Jr. said, adding it’s hard to slow down. “Someone runs a slant down the middle of the field, it’s hard to tell a safety to slow down and not try to kill that guy. It’s going to be a huge impact, I think. Guys have to be slower and think about how they are going to tackle now.”But Von Miller doesn’t think it will affect his game too much as he prefers to go for the ball rather than the quarterback.“For me, I don’t think anything really changes. That doesn’t affect my game. I don’t really tackle quarterbacks with all of my weight anyway. With all 185 pounds, no I wouldn’t do a quarterback like that,” Miller said laughing. “I like going for the ball. If you’ve seen me play over the years, I’m not really a lower-the-head [player] or really trying to hurt a quarterback. The most I’ll do to a quarterback is fake handshakes.”Still, Joseph remains skeptical and hopes the rule enforces safety but doesn’t result in constant calls.“We don’t want those plays when guys are getting hit with the helmet. It’s not a weapon, it’s for protection,” he emphasized. “But I don’t want to get to the point where every hard hit is a penalty. I don’t want to go there. It’s football. That’s my concern. Every hard, clean hit cannot be a penalty. That’s my concern.”
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